How we valet cars

  1. Our pre-wash process allows us to remove a large amount of dirt and contamination from the vehicles exterior, prior to any physical contact being made.
  2. Our 2 bucket wash system, along with soft microfiber wash mitts, further reduces the risk of swirling or scratching paintwork.
  3. Excess water is removed using purpose-made large microfiber drying towels to leave a streak free finish.
  4. Dust, dirt and staining are removed from vehicles’ interiors using a combination of powerful vacuum cleaners, extractors, microfiber cloths, specific cleaning chemicals, dressings and a variety of hard and soft brushes. This ensures that seats, carpets, door cards, dash boards, glass and air vents are left clean and fresh.

What's included

  • Snowfoam
  • Wash using 2 bucket system
  • Tyres & trims dressed
  • Glass & mirrors cleaned
  • Thorough interior vacuum
  • Door cards, centre console, dash & vents cleaned

Small Car / Hatchback / Coupé


Saloon / Estate


Large car / 4x4 / MPV


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Liquid Wax
Leaves durable finish with improved bodywork shine. For regular use.
Polish / Glaze
Provides smooth, sharp reflective finish with strong durability.
Carnauba wax
Enhances and protects paintwork leaving a glossy, water repellent finish.
Swissvax Onyx
Contains 30% volume of pure Brazilian Grade One Carnauba to produce streak-free glossy finish. Enhances paintwork and offers strong protection against the elements.
Clean & feed leather interior
For the removal of shine from leather caused by a build up of dirt, body oil and grease contamination prior to moisturisation and nourishment to leather soft and more resistant to fading and cracking.
Shampoo fabric interior
Spray shampoo is used to remove light marks and dirt from fabric seats and carpets.
Engine Bay Clean and Dress
For the safe removal of dirt, grease and grime from all engine bay materials before adding a long-lasting protective dressing.
Stain & Odour Removal
Price On Inspection
Extraction of heavy staining, odours and pet hair from vehicle interior.
Clean & Protect Convertible Roof
Includes exterior valet

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