Tyler & Oakman Autocare are able to provide you with tailor-made detailing packages, ranging from decontamination to full paint correction.

Ceramic and Nano Coatings are available for vehicle interior and exteriors to give incredible protection.

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Enhancement Detail

Used to remove light swirl marks, marring and holograms to enhance gloss levels in paintwork.

  • Full Preparation
  • Single stage machine polish
  • Finished with Carnauba Wax

Prices starting from £150

Paint Correction

Used to remove further defects in the clear coat (lacquer) including light to medium scratches. Leaves a high gloss finish.

  • Full Preparation
  • Two stage machine polish
  • Finished with Carnauba Wax

Prices starting from £250

GTechniq Coatings & Sealants

GTechniq Crystal Serum Light gives up to 5 years worth of paintwork protection, ensuring dirt repellency, UV protection, swirl protection and an incredible gloss finish.

GTechniq EXO V4 can be applied over the top of Crystal Serum Light to give your vehicle the ultimate dirt and water repellentcy.

Wheels, glass, leather and fabric can also be protected against staining, contamination, transfer, UV and bacteria.

  • GTechniq Crystal Serum Light - £200
  • GTechniq EXO V4 - £100
  • GTechniq C5 Wheel Armour - £40
  • GTechniq G5 Water Coating for Glass - £40
  • GTechniq I1 Smart Fabri - £40
  • GTechniq L1 Leather Guard - £40
  • GTechniq Complete Protection Package - £400 (saving £60)

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