Before we get into WHY we use Snow Foam, let’s first start by explaining WHAT Snow Foam is and what it does.

Snow Foam is essentially a high foaming detergent. The extra foam allows it to remain in contact with the surface for longer, meaning a longer dwell time. As the detergent dwells, the dirt on the surface is softened, so more dirt is removed when the pressure washer is used. This leads to a reduced risk of dragging dirt across the paintwork which can cause scratches and swirls.

Although the principle of Snow Foam is relatively simple, the more complex part of it is using Snow Foam correctly and effectively. While the manufacturers guidelines explain dilution ratios, they are only guidelines. To get the best out of Snow Foam, you may need to make adjustments to get the correct mixture for your pressure washer and Snow Foam lance.

So the reason we use Snow Foam is because we like to make our washes as safe as possible for your vehicle. Oh, and it looks great too!


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